Synopsis of the Saxon Knights

About Indiana's most notorious prison gang.

The Cell Block, the Saxon Knights Home

The Order of the Saxon Knight was founded in the Indiana State Reformatory in 1995. "Pendleton" is a maximum-security prison located northeast of Indianapolis, near Pendleton, Indiana.

The Saxon Knights brotherhood consists of more than 1000 men and women; centered mostly in Indiana, but reaching into other states as well, such as - Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia. Even though the brotherhood was founded in prison and membership in the Saxon Knights is obtained while serving time in prison, many members of the brotherhood have served out their time and are now living on the outside. In fact, those on the outside now exceed those that remain incarcerated.

The brotherhood's morals and values are key to understanding them. Everyone has made mistakes; everyone has made bad decisions. The Saxon Knights, however, refuse to allow those mistakes to define them as people. Instead, knights choose to make changes in their lives so that they may be better suited to contribute to the society.

Education is often despised among prison gangs. But, the Saxon Knights are not a prison gang per se, but a brotherhood; so, many college educated men and women who find themselves caught up by the legal system are drawn towards the Saxon Knights because of the brotherhood's morals and values. Consequently, the majority of knights are college educated men and women who have strong family ties and believe that returning to positive family values is the key to a better future.

The Order of the Saxon Knight is active in community outreach and has contributed to a number of charities and outreach programs. They have aided those affected by storms and floods in Indiana. In December 2007 they donated several thousand dollars in toys clothing and money to the Children's Guardian home in Indianapolis, Indiana.

No one is perfect; so the brotherhood stress holistic wellness among the knights. Knights encourage each other to pursue continued education, to exercise daily, and to seek spiritual guidance in some form of positive religion or philosophy. The brotherhood does not advocate one religion over another so long as the knight's chosen belief system teaches positive values and morals.

There are those who are less informed. "Offenders" have numerous, personal reasons for choosing which organization to join while doing their time. Some of those who have chosen the brotherhood over another organization may, in fact, be racists. But, as a brotherhood, the Order of the Saxon Knight is not a racist organization. Knights consider themselves "ethnopreservationists".

Racism is quite common in all areas of society, including - law enforcement, the judicial system and the medical field; racism is even seen in the halls of the United States Congress. The only difference between the Order of the Saxon Knight and these other segments of society is that, because of their experience in prison, knights admit that the projection of racism is multi-directional.

As ethnopreservationists, knights believe the differences they see is what makes life interesting. The brotherhood encourages every ethnic background to be proud of who they are and how they look. Knights applaud everyone, regardless of race, who works to preserve those values and traditions that define their personal ethnicity.